Sin Boon Kee Coffee Factory was founded by Mr. Chan Kok Tong in 1944, located in Jelutong, Penang. It all started with a single passion — a passion in making quality coffee. Over the years, we have established ourselves to be one of the most trusted coffee suppliers, providing consumers high quality coffee powder in its truest form.

Today, we have served the finest traditional coffee powder to people in Penang for over 77 years, yielding the very best in aroma, body, and taste. We have supplied traditional coffee powder for more than 500 Kopitiams (Coffee Shop) and hawker restaurants in Penang. The Chan family promises to continue the legacy of the founder in producing the best traditional coffee powder in Penang with passion.


Sin Boon Kee Coffee Factory is a family business. On January 2019, it has passed on to the fourth generation, Jonathan Chan. He has hoped to improve the brand with the use of modern technologies while preserve the traditional coffee manufacturing. To continue the legacy of Sin Boon Kee, we hoped that everyone is able to enjoy our coffee at home and everywhere else easily besides only get to drink in Kopitiams.

Our Distribution Channel

Consumers are able to look for Sin Boon Kee coffee in supermarkets such as Gama, Sunshine & Billion, native shops and online stores especially Shopee. 

Sin Boon Kee has expanded to SBK Concept Store where consumers are able to taste our delicious special local cuisine. 

We have expanded from 1 product to 7 products during the first year of expanding which includes Black Tea (Ceylon Tea), Malt Chocolate Drink and currently we have more than 25 in Sin Boon Kee’s product lineup, including its division of Roasted Arabica Beans products, SBK Coffee. 

Currently, Sin Boon Kee has put into more focus into SBK Roasted Arabica Beans and we have provided consumers with beans of unique blends and famous origins.


A Look Inside Our Factory

Our staffs at Sin Boon Kee Coffee Factory hard at work producing Penang’s finest traditional coffee powder. 

Media Coverage

Media coverage of Sin Boon Kee Coffee Factory






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