The Brand History

Sin Boon Kee Factory was founded by Chan Kok Tong in 1944. It started with a single passion, the passion of making quality coffee. Over the years, Sin Boon Kee Coffee Factory has established itself as a trustworthy coffee supplier providing high quality coffee powder to its customers.

Today, Sin Boon Kee Coffee Factory has served Penangites for more than 70 years by producing the finest, aromatic traditional coffee powder.

The Chan family promises to continue the legacy of the founder to make the best traditional coffee powder in Penang with passion.


Sin Boon Kee Coffee Factory is a family business. On January 2019, it has passed on to the fourth generation, Jonathan Chan. He has hoped to improve the brand with the use of modern technologies while preserve the traditional coffee manufacturing. To continue the legacy of Sin Boon Kee, we hoped that everyone is able to enjoy our coffee at home and everywhere else easily besides only get to drink in Kopitiams.

The Trademark History

When starting a business, we must first get the support of the people around us. At that time, most of the villagers were Malay. And Mr Chan asked them, how can they support his business? The Malay friends all liked cats, so they suggested Mr. Chan that if his trademark has cats, they will definitely support him.

In addition, the Chinese like things pairing in double numbers, meaning auspicious and prosperity. In order to win everyone’s support, Mr. Chan has combined these ideas and this is also the original meaning and origin of the Sin Boon Kee trademark.

The Generation Successor

Mr Chan Kok Tong

Mr Chan Kok Tong

The Founder

  • Established Sin Boon Kee Coffee Factory
  • Created trademark
  • Roast traditional coffee powder and sell door to door

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Mr Chan Wah Chuan

The 2nd Generation Successor

  • Started wholesale business

  • Pack coffee powder into small packets, easier to sell and storage

  • Expand business to local grocery stores (kedai runcit)

Mr Chan They Lin

Mr Chan They Lin

The 3rd Generation Successor

  • Expand business to coffee shops

  • Lead brand to became the main supplier of coffee shops in Penang

  • Began to implement systematic operation and management

  • Built a replication system

  • Start focusing on employee training

Mr Jonathan Chan

Mr Jonathan Chan

The 4th Generation Successor

  • Introduce mechanical technology

  • Develop Kopi O in individual sachets

  • Expand business to supermarket

  • Established its own packaging factory and R&D department

  • Developed the first premium coffee in the market, Royal Black Coffee

  •  Product increased from 1 to 34

  • Established SBK Coffee Concept Store

  • Started E-commerce business (Shopee / Lazada / official website)


To be Asia Pacific’s leading black coffee brand, providing highest quality products to customers globally

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Become the Market Leader

We aim to lead the whole black coffee market to a better level but non-stop improving ourselves.

Prospering our investors and partners

We are dedicated to growing and maximizing the financial rewards of our investors and partners.

Focus on flavors and quality of coffee

We make sure that each cup of Sin Boon Kee Coffee is filled with best aroma, warmth and love.

Our Distribution Channel

Consumers are able to look for Sin Boon Kee coffee in supermarkets such as Gama, Sunshine & Billion, native shops and online stores especially Shopee. 

Sin Boon Kee has expanded to SBK Concept Store where consumers are able to taste our delicious special local cuisine. 

We have expanded from 1 product to 7 products during the first year of expanding which includes Black Tea (Ceylon Tea), Malt Chocolate Drink and currently we have more than 25 in Sin Boon Kee’s product lineup, including its division of Roasted Arabica Beans products, SBK Coffee. 

Currently, Sin Boon Kee has put into more focus into SBK Roasted Arabica Beans and we have provided consumers with beans of unique blends and famous origins.

Our Distribution Channel

trademark channels

A Look Inside Our Factory

Our staffs at Sin Boon Kee Coffee Factory hard at work producing Penang’s finest traditional coffee powder. 

Media Coverage

Media coverage of Sin Boon Kee Coffee Factory






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