Sin Boon Kee Malt Chocolate Drink 1kg

Sin Boon Kee’s latest product is here!!

Sin Boon Kee’s Malt Chocolate is sweet & rich in its flavor and multiple nutrients, and with special brand new packaging, you’ll absolutely love it!

Made of high-quality natural cocoa, milk and malt, this family friendly drink is always a good choice of beverage to fulfill your daily need for energy by its high contents of vitamins and minerals.

Our Malt Chocolate Drink is rich with PROTEIN, CALCIUM, IRON, VITAMIN B6, VITAMIN B2, and VITAMIN C.

Our Malt Chocolate Drink also comes with HALAL, Mesti, ISO 9001: 2008, HACCP Certificate.

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Sin Boon Kee Malt Chocolate Drink 1kg

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