Japan Imported PURE WOOD PULP Coffee Filter Paper for V60 (100 sheets)


Japan Imported PURE WOOD PULP Coffee Filter Paper

A box of pure wood pulp filter paper suitable for the V60 series. This product is imported from Japan – No precipitation & leaves no residues. – Small box with side opening design, makes it easy to open and close. – Filter paper is easy to remove and no additional storage box is required.

– No odor which makes it does not affect the original flavour of your coffee and restores the aroma of your coffee.

– Clear material texture & smooth indentation. – No adhesive used.

– Filter paper is able to fully intact with filter cup, and it smoothly adheres without wetting the filter paper.

– Good soaking ability for extracting coffee.


Color: Brown

Size Capacity : 1-2/2-4 cups

Weight : Approx. 100g

Material : Pure wood pulp





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