SBK Drip Coffee BRAZIL Flavour (12g)



Brazil is responsible for around 25% of the worlds coffee, making it one of the largest coffee producers, a title it has held for the last 150 years. Brazilian coffee is described to be well balanced, with a variety of smooth sweetness in addition to a medium body. Santos is a coffee grown in multiple plantations from the large commercial agricultural states of Brazil.

For those coffee drinkers who are new to buying from a roaster, Santos would be a great option. Its light roast represents the standard roast profile that small batch roasters prefer, therefore allowing nuanced flavours to come through in the cup. Notable flavours of Brazilian coffee includes chocolate and nut with a low acidity. So if you like your coffee sweeter and with little bitterness this is an ideal choice. It is also perfect as a refreshing change for those who are used to full bodied, dark roast beans. A velvety smooth flavour and medium body this coffee is sure to impress and we hope you enjoy it.

Dark Roast

Description : Woody, Chocolaty & Slight Burned

Aroma : 2

Acidity : 1

Body : 4

After-Taste : 1





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