Sin Boon Kee Traditional Penang Kopi-O (Kosong / No Sugar Added)


15g x 20 sachets

Our famous traditional black coffee made of premium selected Robusta beans, roasted and blended with our special recipe by mixing butter through the process. For those who prefer the original and authentic taste of coffee, it is best served hot to preserve the freshness and ‘kaw’ (thickness) of the coffee.

  • Sin Boon Kee, Penang Oldest Coffee Factory (Since 1944)
  • Local Black Coffee without Sugar
  • 15g x 20 Sachets
  • Concentrated taste
  • Strong Nostalgic Coffee Aroma
  • No added preservation


Note: Sugar is added at the end of the Kopi-O roasting process to provide a caramelized finish and takeaway any bitter aftertaste and it does not serve to increase the sugar levels of the Kopi-O. The result is a richer and more fragrant coffee than Western-style coffee.





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